The Essentials of Snowboarding

November 27, 2012

Snowboarding has been practiced from long time & it is a renowned winter sport enjoyed by adventure seekers across the world. Snowboarding’s growing popularity is reflected in its acknowledgement as an official sport. People are very passionate about this sport as it gives lot of excitement & thrill. There are plenty of styles which people pursue in snowboarding. Let’s check out some of the most popular types of Snowboarding.

This style of snowboarding is practiced on artificial platforms such as ramps, boxes, and rails. Freestyle snowboarding also involves breathtaking stunts and aerial tricks, and many competitions are based on this style of snowboarding. Freestyle snowboarders wear soft boots and the snowboard has extra bend, which is ideal for competitions.

As the name suggests, this snowboarding style simply involves a person snowboarding downhill. This style may also include stunts and tricks, and freeriders also usually wear soft boots. The board in this style is longer but not as flexible. Platforms involve both smooth and hard-pack snow which allows for faster rides.

Alpine Snowboarding
This is also known as freecarve and is usually found in snowboard races. Usually freecarve us done on hard snow or manicured runs. Since powerful curves are involved, this style is not ideal for beginners. Speed and focus are the key components in alpine snowboarding.

This is a relatively new winter sport. However, it is popular among both snowboarding and skiing fans since it incorporates both sports into one activity.

Snowboarding Accessories
For the different snowboarding styles there are different types of snowboards available. The freeride or All Mountain board is the most popular, constituting for half of all snowboard sales. It is ideal for virtually all aspects of freeriding, such as carving and catching air.

The freestyle board tends to be wider, more steady, and relatively easy to ride and controller. Moreover, since it is shorter in flex and lightweight, turning becomes easy. That is why the freestyle board is recommended for beginners. In addition, the features also allow freestyle boarders to perform tricks.
Finally, alpine or freecarving snowboards are slender, thinner than both freestyle and freeride boards. This design contributes to speed and turns required in a race, especially if it is done on hard snow.

Attitudes towards Snowboarding
Winter sport enthusiasts mostly go for snowboarding or skiing. However, in recent years, many people have adopted both sports. This transition can be rooted in the fact that snowboarders find greater freedom to perform tricks when they are using two boards.
Snowboarding Accessories
Changes in designs of snowboards allow fans to practice elements of skiing as well. Previously, there was a known gap between skiers and snowboarders, where skiers were considered traditionalists and snowboarders as renegades!

But over the years, snowboarding has bagged a sizeable following. It became recognized as an Olympic Sport in 1998, and major resorts in North America and Europe have skiing and snowboarding in their vacation packages, though there are some reports that still not welcome it.

Since the industry is small owing to the availability of “playing fields”, the dangers involved, seasonal conditions, and the demographics, manufacturers can enjoy a greater flexibility than other sports as far as equipment is concerned.

Winter SportsSafety Measures
The beauty of snowy mountains as well as the thrill snowboarding provides should not divert anyone from the risks associated with this sport. And these dangers also extend to advanced snowboarders as well.
Here is a quickly summary of the major dangers involved in snowboarding and safety measures that can prevent them:

It is natural for people to devote a lot of time in a day to an activity as exhilarating as snowboarding. However, repeated runs throughout the day can result in burnout. To avoid extra exhaustion, multiple short breaks in order to avoid aches and pains at night.

Loosing Energy
At high altitudes, snowboarders can suffer loss of energy and are unable to keep their body warm. They can become hypothermic, which can, in extreme cases, result in death as well. Regular water and food intake is necessary to preserve energy while snowboarding.

Accidents are inevitable, but make sure you have equipment like wrist guards, goggles, helmet, and padding to lessen the impact of any accident or collision.

The Best Time for Winter Sports
O2 gear shopThe ideal season for skiing and snowboarding varies by location. For example, the Alps have glacier available for skiing from November through to May, and tourists usually go during school vacations.

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