Skills and Thrills of Kayaking

January 28, 2013

There is nothing like paddling in an open body of water with the wind in your hair. Kayaking has always been a favorite pastime for adventure junkies and for good reason. After all, there is more to kayaking than dipping your oars in the water and hoping that your watercraft doesn’t tip over in the middle of a lake. Keep the following tips in mind the next time you get the urge to take your kayak out. After that know what the best places are to try out your new skills –
Kayaking Competition
Getting in the Kayak
You can lift your paddle vertically in shallow water. Steady the kayak by setting it in the water snug against the watercraft. If you happen to be in deep water use the dock to steady yourself. Dangle your legs over and lineup your entry position by balancing the cockpit edge with your feet. After that, drop the tie line into the cockpit.
Steady yourself by holding onto the dock before quickly swinging one foot then the other one into the cockpit. Crouch and sit.

Don’t Underestimate Yourself
The prospect of sitting on a teetering watercraft with nothing but deep water to cushion your fall if you tip over might seem daunting at first. However, it is amazingly easy to get the hang of once you have gone through the proper training. Most of the equipment is designed with stability in mind so even beginners will have no trouble getting used to them. In fact, most new kayakers find themselves paddling by themselves within 10 minute of getting in the water. If you are in good shape and have no trouble getting in and out of a kayak in shallow water then you are good to go.

KayakingBest Places to Kayak
After you think that you have gotten the hang of your new skills seek out the best places to give them a test run. Remember, there will be no one experienced enough to help you out if you happen to get into trouble in an isolated area. It is always best to test out your new skills in popular kayaking spots where you can learn more from experienced kayakers. Try the following places first –

Harpeth River, Tennessee
This is considered to be one of the best places in Tennessee for beginners. The Harpeth River runs in the middle of the state along a park. It features kayaking trips for both beginner level and advanced kayakers.

Tivoli Bays, Hudson River
Tivoli Bays is located across from Saugerties in the Hudson River and is renowned for its kayaking sites. It is a part of the Hudson River National Estuarine Research Reserve. The wetlands are officially recognized as essential wildlife habitats. Needless to say you can look forward to some scenic woodland as you paddle to your heart’s content. Expert kayakers often cross the Hudson from the boat launch area in Glasco or head south. However it is best that you restrict yourself to safer areas in North Bay.

KayakingCherokee Reservoir Tennessee
The Cherokee Reservoir is commonly known as a popular fishing region but it also a great spot for kayakers. Don’t be surprised to see backpacking families or camps around the place either.

Little Bear Creek Reservoir Tennessee
This is one of the best places for new kayakers in Tennessee and for good reason. The water is just right for both seasoned paddlers and amateurs alike. The conditions are both mild and smooth with almost no rifts whatsoever which makes Little Bear Creek Reservoir a great spot for beginners to test their newfound skills.

Boone Reservoir
Boone Reservoir in Tennessee is also a suitable place for both advanced and beginner kayakers alike. You won’t have any trouble finding canoe launching spots and docks either.

OutdoorplayRemember to always do your research before settling for any kayaking site. Watch out for the weather forecast and do not get in the water if the water seems too choppy for you to handle. It is also best that you frequent outdoor play vendors who offer kayaking equipments from popular brands. Outdoorplay is a good place to start. Their website offers brands that have been tested by seasoned experts so there is no reason why they won’t do the same for you. They offer everything a beginner would need to make his/her kayaking experience hassle free from sleek kayaks to paddling gear and even camping equipment.