Scuba Diving – Exhilarating Experience Underwater!

February 28, 2013

Man has always been quite keen about his surroundings; struggling to learn about the environment around, hitting the space world and studying about the different creations sharing the planet. Everything around has always been intriguing to man for different reasons; it can be plain curiosity or the search for solutions to varying problems and obstacles.

It is an interesting fact that two-thirds of our world is covered by water. The life under the sea is amazing with exotic ocean plants and fish and breathtaking coral formations. The underwater realm has too intrigued man for quite long. As man learned to develop new ways to reach different realms, under water domain also became accessible. The best way to view the beauty of the underwater world is by scuba diving.

Scuba Diving
The term scuba evolved from the acronym Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus. A scuba diver carries his own compressed air breathing equipment. He also wears fins on his feet to facilitate swimming. A face mask, which is attached to his face, enables him to have clear vision underwater while protecting the face. The wet suit worn by the diver helps with regulating body temperature.

Scuba diving opens a whole new world that people on land can never even imagine. Spectacular colourful underwater creatures or coral reefs have to be seen to be believed. The large sized creatures makes you feel like you are in another world altogether.

Diving Equipments
Every scuba diving location is quite different from the others. Tropical islands are some of the best places from which to dive under sea. One of the best places would be the Blue Hole. This is Belize which is a small country on the north eastern coast of Central America. The Blue Hole is a section of the lighthouse reef system. Here different varieties of shark can be observed. But this is a deep pit over 400+ feet in depth. So it is not only for more experienced divers. A great summer holiday could include scuba diving to discover the beauty of the world under the sea. The Great Barrier Reef is supposed to be the king of all scuba diving sites. Here, there are thousands of species of fish including great white sharks. Hero Island, at the heart of all this, could give you one of the best experiences in this sport.

Even the Red Sea has deep reefs which offer the excitement of scuba diving. Phuket, in Thailand, called the “Pearl of the South”, has coastal places teeming with varieties of sea life as well as coral fields and caves and even shipwrecks. This would be a perfect spot for scuba divers who are first timers. The Bahamas and the Cayman Islands have beautiful weather year round and so make ideal spots for this sport. But they can be crowded during the tourist season. The island of Bonaire, in the Netherlands Antilles, has a marine park all around it and has more than a hundred spots for scuba diving.

Scuba diving is not only recreational but it also offers technical opportunities for professionals who undertake deep diving to extreme depths and also advanced cave diving and ship wreck diving.

Commercially, scuba diving lends itself to beautiful photography. And, at places like oil rigs, underwater structures need to be built and maintained. Here again, technicians who are also scuba divers are required. Sometimes, under water surveys and mapping work is undertaken. Salvage operations also need experienced scuba divers.

People are often concerned about the safety aspect of scuba diving. But if one undergoes the correct training, and if one follows all the safety precautions that are recommended, scuba diving can be a very safe sport.

Scuba diving has made possible for man to explore and conquer a domain which is entirely different from his own. The amazing discoveries underwater can become addictive and many will not be satisfied with just one experience but will return to it time and again.