Enjoy The Thrill of Skating

December 26, 2012

Skating is a sport that needs no introductions. Being one of the biggest delights known to mankind, it is one of those very few extreme sports inspiring enthusiasts from every single corner of the globe. The sport not only suggests unparalleled adventure that knows no bounds but has also emerged as an activity where fun meets fitness.

The anticipation of performing your act perfectly, the excitement of being air-borne for the slightest of seconds and the finesse with which individuals showcase their skill makes skating everything to rave about. Today, the sport can boast of its well-earned popularity as it is one of the most amazing outdoor activities to indulge in.

Ice SkatingWith a history that dates back to 1920s, the extreme sport was born in California out of surfers’ desire to surf the street. While it is not known till date as to who invented skateboards, several claims have been made. Despite all the controversies, the sport stayed as a strange yet spontaneous creation.

Skating has come a long way since it started. In the beginning, wooden boards and boxes were used and several skaters got hurt in the process of honing their skills. Thankfully, planks were soon introduced and skating became the ultimate time pass for scores of individuals.

Skating was at the height of its popularity in 1963 and since then there was no stopping. As it continued to earn recognition and fame, skating continued to evolve. Several developmental leaps were made in gear, intended at making the sport faster, easier and safer every time.

Skating was once believed to be a sport limited to a certain age group only and only a handful of countries were aware of its existence. However, things changed with the passage of time and today, there are countless individuals who absolutely love this sport regardless of gender or age.

While the activity is enjoyed throughout the year, skating in summers can turn out to be everything you can ask for. With the sun shining brightly, the warmth engulfing you and the cool breeze caressing you softly, the activity is one-of-a-kind experience every single time.
People love skating and for good reasons. The feeling of going to the deck, wind playing with your hair, popping into air and landing gracefully on your skateboard makes it a scene straight out of some Hollywood movie. Indeed, those who have experienced it claim that the adrenaline rushing right through you is unlike anything you have ever experienced before. ‘Awesome’ is just one word to describe the entire experience.

When it comes to types of skating, there is no end for options. First and foremost, there is slalom skating, which is the art of weaving between different obstacles. There is downhill skating which one performs using a longboard. Graceful dancing with a skateboard is called freestyle skating and skating in plazas, parking lots or sidewalks is termed street skating. Other variations such as pool skating, park skating and cruising are also well-loved categories of skating.

Street SkatingIf you think skating is just about your neighborhood, you will be surprised to find out that the sport has earned massive popularity internationally as well. From X Games to Copenhagen Pro, King of Road to World Cup of Skateboarding and from Mid-Atlantic Skateboard Series to Slam City Jam, the sport is featured at some of the biggest sports tournament.

Even Olympics, the most renowned of all sport competitions, has skating on its itinerary celebrating its spirit. Most of the above mentioned competitions are held annually with participants and contestants flocking to the venues from every single country deemed imaginable.

When it comes to gear, skateboards, shoes, pads, and helmets are essentials. Perhaps, the area where skating truly scores is that all of the gear is easily available and there’s something to suit every taste and pocket.

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Bottom-line, skateboarding is an amazing activity to indulge in and it is high time you give it a try and discover a new face of adventure and excitement.