Athletic Shoes For Comfort & Safety

February 13, 2013

No matter what outdoor sport you are playing, shoes form an integral part of its gear. Without proper shoes you can’t perform at full capacity nor can you enjoy the activity fully. Shoes are particularly important if you are on a hiking trip, marathon race or biking.

There are several brands in the market which offer sports specific shoes; running shoes have their own features, mountaineering or hiking shoes have different characteristics and similarly, running shoes also have built which is designed to facilitate the activity.

Running ShoesTalking about hiking or mountaineering shoes, there are three basic types. The basic hiking shoes are for beginners; they are more like running shoes with special features added to facilitate entry level hiking. They have high cuts and harder soles along with some extra padding. Basic shoes give reasonable support for foot and protection against bad weather conditions. Made from nylon, suede and leather blend, these shoes are light weight and flexible. For rougher and less smooth terrains boots with technical constructions are used which provide shock absorption and maximum support. They have synthetic lining, concreted outsoles and are heavier so wearing and using them needs getting used to them. Professional mountaineering boots are much heavier and technically designed to offer maximum protection against low temperature conditions. Professional hiking shoes are used to deliver power, efficiency and safety as they are solid, rugged and comfortable, all at the same time.

Most people have the misconception that cycling or biking does not require you to wear any special shoes, but this is not the case. For optimum and safe performance, high quality cycling shoes are a must to have. Best cycling shoes should be light weight and tough on the outside so that they can clip on the paddles conveniently and without slipping. Cycling shoes are also designed to enhance foot control and power on the pedal; with little effort maximum output is achievable if appropriate shoes are used.
Athletic Shoes
When it comes to running shoes, it is crucial to select the most appropriate one as wrong choice can lead to serious low back pain or even internal foot injury. Good quality running shoes have double outer soles; one carbon rubber and other blown rubber. Blown rubber offer flexible padding that fits according to foot curves while carbon rubber provides a solid stiff structure which offers support. Flex grooves and cut heel are also important features of high quality running shoes; these features facilitate natural rolling of the feet. In order to get maximum stability, comfort and support, the running shoes should be well padded, stiff on the outside and well fitted.

Tennis ShoesBasic running shoes are often used as casual boots for outdoor activities or training sessions. Because running shoes are often used with casual outfits, they come in different trendy styles. Even professional boots for different outdoor sports come in several colors and designs as consumers today want to derive maximum out of what they buy. Along with performance and purpose, people look forward to buy style too. Even professional sportsmen prefer to wear sports shoes from top ranked brands. For this reason, athletic boots are designed to cater for both performance and fashion needs.

Among several top ranked brands which manufacture athletic and casual shoes are Nike, Reebook, Puma, Asolo, Lowa, La Sportiva, Carnac, Sidi, adidas, new balance and many more. These shoes are available in wide varieties ranging from shoes for beginners to shoes for professionals. In addition to this, there are many designs and colors available too to choose from.

Although some of these brands can be too expensive, their shoe quality is unmatchable and if you want to enjoy your sport fully, high quality shoes are a must.